The Ultimate Guide to Ben Nye Foundation

The Ultimate Guide to Ben Nye Foundation

Here we explain to you how to get a very full coverage flawless foundation using Ben Nye foundation. Now this may not be your everyday makeup, it might be more appropriate for the school portraits or a photo shoot for driver’s license or anything where you want very full coverage.  If you have freckles, skin discoloration or spots and you really want to have a flawless doll-like finish then this is for you.

It is worth noting that for those of you who like a very sheer look or a no makeup look this is not for you.

Ben Nye Foundation Review

Here we discuss the use of some of the Ben Nye products to get that perfected look. Don’t be scared by how many products or layers that you need to use if you want this flawless look. It is the secret to looking like your favourite celebrity!

So let’s get started, the first step in getting a very full coverage and flawless face is the BB cream or a primer. This is going to help whatever foundation you put on top to really work well, because the red will have already been cancelled out. So whatever color foundation you choose can work to make your skin look flawless.

Begin with a perfect cover BB cream purchase from drugstores or online beauty store. Take a small amount on clean fingers and spread all over your face just like you would a moisturizer. Cover everywhere, now you can already see it’s gone to work cancelling some of the redness. Now you are ready for the foundation. Start with a liquid foundation, there is a good choice available from the Ben Nye range.  You can apply this with a damp Beauty Blender or clean fingers, blend into face gently. You will notice what a really good coverage you are getting. If you’re working on a client you definitely want to be using a sponge and again this is just going to go all over the face just like you would moisturizer. Put it everywhere to really get that full coverage.

The extra steps you would do for the perfect look on a special occasion is to use the contour kit. Ben Nye banana powder is one of the leading products for this. You can use this to contour and conceal a pigment and cover imperfections.

Concealer including Ben Nye banana powder is great for underneath the eyes, it doesn’t make it cakey or heavy. Instead it’s really light, but has so much pigment in it that it hides a lot.

You could use any kind of Ben Nye cream foundations. These are going to be much heavier than your liquid but do a good job.  Always begin the build with your liquid first, and that’s going to give you a pretty everyday coverage foundation. But, then because we want this very full coverage you can go back in with your creams.  These are going to be much more pigmented so this is the cover effects total cover.

Creme foundation works different, start by applying this only in the areas where you have flaws. A good idea is always do the eyelids because you really want to cover the eyelid area the skin. This area is very thin so lots of veins and purple and red colors pop out. So put your foundation on, and follow with your eye shadow.

You will notice that you will not have those red and vein colors poking through. After, apply underneath the eyes and if you have freckles because though many find them cute most want rid of them! Work down around the nostrils and if there is any skin damage.

A skin enhancer will hide these little spots and imperfections.  So anywhere you see anything that you want, cover it up.  You can just apply this a little heavier. If you mix this with a little bit of your moisturizer you can also use this as a foundation. Apply thinly using a sponge under the eye, if it’s very thick it will get lodged in wrinkles. The cover affects the Ben Nye cream concealer is just awesome when it’s very thin, it doesn’t get cakey or heavy underneath the eye. You are just going to highlight underneath the eye area. Blend in with a sponge for a flawless bit of contouring.

Ben Nye has a good selection of contouring color in powders. You can get all kinds of different colors and you use this for your highlight. For those of you who are dark you can do this with a shade to suit using Ben Nye powders.

Be specific for contouring and just get one color which is light and one close a little bit darker. In a concealer or foundation and you can use that to conquer the contouring to the face.

A color that is much darker than your natural color will contour around the hairline, and then you can apply this with your sponge or brush. Keeping it real use your sponge or fingers. Start at the outer corner of the eye, and the cheekbone this will highlight or cancel all the redness out.

Take a darker color from the palette and contour the nose. For locking all this color in, you want to use a translucent powder to set all your makeup. If not this all going to melt off and all this work is like for nothing! Translucent powders cover and are great to use.

A high-definition powder will look so perfect when you put this. Use your sponge in here and then you just press it on and this is what’s going to set your makeup and lock it in place.

Basically after you set your face with this powder the only thing you may want to know is it’s very hard to apply a cream. Once you put the high definition finish powder if you want you can dab a little more concealer around the eyes.

Banana powder from Ben Nye has been an essential in every makeup artist kit for years and there’s nothing like this powder. It works on every skin tone and what you want to do is just apply it right underneath the eye, and it’s going to brighten and lift.  Plus it is used for contouring and helps all shapes.

Ben Nye foundation gives a very full coverage so we hope you guys like this tutorial and why not order yours now.


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