ben nye banana powder videos

How to Use Ben Nye Luxury Powder

How to Use Ben Nye Luxury PowderIf you want help on how to use Ben Nye luxury powder then watch now this helpful tutorial. Not everyone is an expert at applying makeup, so it is good to get some tips on how to use powders. Otherwise you can be throwing away hard earned cash and wasting the product. We all know... Read More »

What colour Ben Nye powder Should I use?

A popular question for those just discovering Ben Nye powders is what colour should I use and what suits different skin tones best. At first when it first hit the headlines it was mainly banana powder that was used. This was mainly due to reports of the famous Kim Kardashian being smitten by its versatility.... Read More »

Ben Nye Banana Powder in UK

Ben Nye Banana Powder in UKAfter spending years in the US, I wasn’t sure you could get hold of the Ben Nye banana powder in UK online, when on a visit! Friends I knew in other countries had often had problems getting hold of the product outside the U.S. Some companies charge a lot to ship etc. So you can... Read More »

Ben Nye Banana Powder for Dark Skin, and more

Are you looking for more information on applying Ben Nye banana powder for dark skin? Along, with the famous banana powder, there are now countless other shades and other powders in this range range to help give you a fantastic look. They are an amazing help with contouring, reducing shine and setting foundation. If you... Read More »

Learn how to apply Ben Nye Powders

Here we give you the chance to learn more about Ben Nye products. Our video shows you easy tricks on how to use the powders and what to apply them... Read More »

Banana Powder For Dark Skin

Banana Powder For Dark SkinKieran – I just wanted to rave about the Ben Nye Banana Powder for dark skin. For years I have been looking for good quality products for my Asian skin color and now it has finally arrived. Black and darker skins are often hard to come by, so it is thanks to Ben Nye. In... Read More »

Ben Nye Final Seal

Ben Nye Final SealAli – Ben Nye Final Seal is definitely a helpful product when you want your make up to last all day. I work long hours and have to look good for meetings that can go on into the evenings. As it states on the bottle this Ben Nye final seal finishes your look and lasts.... Read More »

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